15 Broom Cabinet Solutions That Will Change Your Life


In every household, brooms, mops, and cleaning supplies are essentials, but they can quickly become a disorganized mess if not stored properly. Imagine a home where you can easily access your brooms and cleaning tools without rummaging through cluttered closets. Thanks to innovative broom cabinet solutions, this dream can become a reality. In this article, we’ll explore 15 broom cabinet solutions that will revolutionize the way you organize your cleaning essentials.

1. Wall-Mounted Broom Holders

Wall-mounted broom holders are an excellent space-saving solution. Install them on any wall in your home, and you’ll have an easily accessible spot to hang your brooms, mops, and dusters.

2. Built-In Broom Closets

If you have a bit of extra space, consider installing a built-in broom closet. These cabinets blend seamlessly with your existing decor and provide ample storage for cleaning tools.

3. Broom and Mop Rack

A broom and mop rack is a versatile storage option that can be placed in your laundry room or garage. It keeps everything organized and off the floor.

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>Broom cabinets serve as versatile storage solutions, offering a tidy and accessible way to organize cleaning essentials in homes and workplaces

4. Over-the-Door Broom Organizers

Utilize the space behind your doors with over-the-door broom organizers. They prove ideal for compact apartments or residences grappling with restricted storage capacities.

5. Pull-Out Broom Cabinets

Pull-out cabinets are a fantastic addition to your kitchen or pantry. They keep brooms and mops hidden but easily accessible when needed.

6. Multi-Purpose Cabinet

Invest in a multi-purpose cabinet that has dedicated slots for brooms, mops, and cleaning supplies. It’s an all-in-one solution for tidying up your space.

7. Broom and Vacuum Combo

For those with both brooms and vacuum cleaners, a combo cabinet is a game-changer. It accommodates both types of cleaning tools, saving you space and time.

8. Rolling Broom Cart

A rolling broom cart is perfect for those who frequently move their cleaning tools from room to room. It’s a mobile solution that keeps everything in one place.

9. Broom Cabinet with Drawers

Maximize your storage with a cabinet that includes drawers. You can neatly organize smaller cleaning supplies and accessories.

10. Customizable Broom Storage

Consider a customizable broom storage system that adapts to your needs. You can add or remove shelves and hooks as your cleaning arsenal changes.

11. Hidden Broom Cabinet

Opt for a concealed cabinet that appears to be part of your wall. It’s a clever way to keep your cleaning tools out of sight.

12. Broom Cabinet with Charging Station

Combine functionality with technology by choosing a broom cabinet with a built-in charging station for your cordless vacuum cleaners.

13. Broom Cabinet with Pegboard

Pegboards are incredibly versatile for organizing. A broom cabinet with a pegboard allows you to hang various cleaning tools and accessories with ease.

14. Broom Cabinet with Trash Bin

Streamline your cleaning routine by selecting a cabinet with an integrated trash bin. It’s a convenient solution for quick cleanups.

15. Compact Broom Nook

Even the smallest spaces can benefit from a compact broom nook. Install one in your pantry or kitchen for easy access.


Say goodbye to the days of hunting for brooms and mops in cluttered closets. These 15 broom cabinet solutions offer a wide range of options to suit any home’s needs. From wall-mounted holders to hidden cabinets, there’s a solution for everyone. Keep your cleaning essentials organized and accessible, and you’ll find that maintaining a tidy home has never been easier.


  1. Are these cabinet solutions easy to install?
    • Most of these solutions come with easy-to-follow installation instructions, making them accessible to anyone with basic DIY skills.
  2. Can I use these cabinets for other storage purposes?
    • Absolutely! Many of these cabinets are versatile and can be used to store other items, such as gardening tools or pantry supplies.
  3. Do these cabinets work for commercial spaces?
    • Yes, many of these solutions are suitable for commercial spaces like offices, warehouses, or janitorial closets.
  4. What’s the cost range for these cabinets?
    • Prices vary depending on the size, features, and brand of the cabinet. There are choices available to accommodate a wide range of financial plans.
  5. Do I need to hire a professional to install these cabinets?
    • While some cabinets may require professional installation, many can be easily installed by homeowners. Always check the manufacturer’s instructions for guidance.

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